Officially Announces The Restock Of The gel lyte 5 Zebra + Store List
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Officially Announces The Restock Of The gel lyte 5 Zebra + Store List

Product description

Upper: Fly Woven Fabric
Sole: Anti-Slip Rubber

Size Chart.
All Black 1, Blue 1, Grey 1, Pink 1 for Kids:
EU21/5.5M US Toddler-insole length: 5.39 In
EU22/6M US Toddler-insole length: 5.59 In
EU23/6.5M US Toddler-insole length: 5.78 In
EU24/7M US Toddler-insole length: 5.98 In
EU25/8M US Toddler-insole length: 6.18 In
EU26/8.5M US Toddler-insole length: 6.38 In
EU27/9M US Toddler-insole length: 6.65 In
EU28/10M US Toddler-insole length: 6.93 In
EU29/11M US Little Kid-insole length: 7.17 In
EU30/11.5M US Little Kid-insole length: 7.44 In
EU31/12M US Little Kid-insole length: 7.71 In
EU32/13M US Little Kid-insole length: 7.99 In
EU33/1M US Little Kid-insole length: 8.27 In
EU34/2M US Little Kid-insole length: 8.50 In
EU35/2.5M US Little Kid-insole length: 8.78 In

All Black, Black, Grey, Pink for Adult
EU35/4 B(M) US Women/3 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 8.76 Inches
EU36/5 B(M) US Women/4 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 9.02 Inches
EU37/6 B(M) US Women/4.5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 9.28 Inches
EU38/7 B(M) US Women/5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 9.45 Inches
EU39/8 B(M) US Women/6 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 9.65 Inches
EU40/9 B(M) US Women/6.5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 9.84 Inches
EU41/10 B(M) US Women/7.5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 10.04 Inches
EU42/11 B(M) US Women/8.5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 10.24 Inches
EU43/12 B(M) US Women/9 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 10.43 Inches
EU44/13 B(M) US Women/9.5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 10.63 Inches
EU45/14 B(M) US Women/10.5 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 10.84 Inches
EU46/15 B(M) US Women/11 D(M) US Men-Feet length: 11.05 Inches

Comfort,Breathable, Non-slip
Fit for women,men,lovers and couple, parents
Fit for toddler baby, little kids, children, boys and girls
Fit for Spring,Summer,Fall and Winter